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The Rocky Shores exhibit houses harbor seals, grizzly bears, polar bears, and sea lions.

Meanwhile, the African Savannah exhibit introduces guests to African lions, zebras, ostriches, and finally, giraffes, who are housed in a separate area where guests are welcome to feed them.

Whether it's for a first date with someone new, or 100th date with someone you've been married to for years.

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Hey guys, if you missed the post yesterday I was recently featured in an article in the newspaper for my alma mater, BYU.

I was asked some of my BYU date ideas I would go on if I was still a student. There are so many creative date ideas in Provo, Utah!

Visit Utah's Hogle Zoo, stroll through the arboretum and botanical garden at the Red Butte Garden, watch a spectacular ballet performance, and see rare birds at the Tracy Aviary, the largest bird park in the U. For a quick tour of the city’s top attractions, board the Salt Lake Trolley.

Best things to do in Salt Lake City with kids include the Clark Planetarium, the Natural History Museum of Utah and Liberty Park.

Build snow sculptures at the dorms or institute 34.

Drive out to the desert and spell words with rocks 41. The elephant encounter is a fascinating and expansive exhibit showcasing white rhinoceros and African elephants in several environments.The Asian highlands exhibit features the Siberian lynx, Pallas’ cats, snow leopards, Amur leopards, and Amur tigers.General admission is free, which is impossible to beat!There are some amazing special exhibits that come and change often, and the cafe is sure to please any foodie.One of Salt Lake City’s top attractions, Utah’s Hogle Zoo is a 42-acre space located at the base of the Wasatch Mountain Range within Emigration Canyon.

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