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your .hg/hgrc file): If you do Push and Pull from Tortoise Hg it will take your username from the repo URL under the [paths] config, but it will keep asking for your password every time you do this.One of the solutions to this is to set your username and password in the Tortoise Hg synchronization view: Now it’s all good, but to make this work Tortoise Hg creates a file called under your Windows home directory, whichs is normally C:\Users\yourwindowsusername\.For now check out Zooqle - these guys seem to know their stuff.

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If you've merely lost your password, see What's my password? However, even though it can be done, it is officially "discouraged".

You have to have a really good reason for having your username changed.

Simply wanting a new name is not considered sufficient.

In my case the file had this inside: The problem with this file is that the password is stored in it as clear text.

Fortunately there is an easy workaround for that: Tortoise Hg comes bundled with a Keyring extension, designed for storing authentication passwords securely.

In the example below I use a Hg repository hosted on, but the same configuration should be valid for any other remote repository.

After you first clone your repository with Tortoise Hg you end up with this in your Hg configuration file (i.e.

Many will not notice the name change, and assume you're a new monk. If you just want to be known by a different name, simply go Create A New User (keeping in mind the Site Rules Governing User Accounts).

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