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While the number of married couples rose 19.7% over the 30-year period between 19, the number of common-law couples more than quadrupled ( 345.2%).

Antihypocalcemic— Alfacalcidol; Calcifediol; Calcitriol; Dihydrotachysterol ; Ergocalciferol; Nutritional supplement (vitamin)— Calcifediol; Calcitriol; Ergocalciferol; Antihypoparathyroid— Calcitriol; Dihydrotachysterol; Ergocalciferol; Antihyperparathyroid—Doxercalciferol; Paricalcitol ; Indications Note: Bracketed information in the Indications section refers to uses that are not included in U. Some analogs have been found to reduce elevated parathyroid hormone concentrations in patients with renal osteodystrophy associated with hyperparathyroidism.

—Theoretically, any of the vitamin D analogs may be used for the above conditions.

—Ergocalciferol is indicated for prevention and treatment of vitamin D deficiency states.

Vitamin D deficiency may occur as a result of inadequate nutrition, intestinal malabsorption, or lack of exposure to sunlight, but does not occur in healthy individuals receiving an adequate balanced diet and exposure to sunlight.

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Kanada on perustuslaillinen monarkia ja parlamentaarinen demokratia, jonka valtionpäämies on Yhdistyneen kuningaskunnan monarkki Elisabet II.

Varsinaista valtaa pitää kuitenkin Kanadan pääministeri. Maan sisäpolitiikkaa on 1900-luvulla hiertänyt ranskankielisen Quebecin kysymys.

3) Calcitriol 4) Dihydrotachysterol 5) Doxercalciferol 6) Ergocalciferol 7) Paricalcitol VA CLASSIFICATION Alfacalcidol Primary: VT509 Calcifediol Primary: VT501 Calcitriol Primary: VT502 Dihydrotachysterol Primary: VT503 Doxercalciferol Primary: VT509 Ergocalciferol Primary: VT504 Paricalcitol Primary: VT509 Commonly used brand name(s): Calciferol Not commercially available in Canada.

Category: Note: Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin. Accepted Hypocalcemia, chronic (treatment) —Therapeutic doses of specific vitamin D analogs are used in the treatment of chronic hypocalcemia, hypophosphatemia, rickets, and osteodystrophy associated with various medical conditions including chronic renal failure, familial hypophosphatemia, and hypoparathyroidism (postsurgical or idiopathic, or pseudohypoparathyroidism).

For example, the word "address" is a noun, such as, "What is your mailing address?

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