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The Brookville Republican sent a separate text message apologizing to his contacts for "anything offensive" they may have received after he said he lost control of his cellphone.seeking comment.

He said in an emailed statement only that he has "decided the time is right for me to pass the torch and spend more time with my family.""Now I want to focus all of my attention on making my family's world a better place," he said.

In terms of number of placements and awards, Delaware is one of the least successful states at Miss Teen USA.

However, Ashley Coleman broke the mold to win the Miss Teen USA crown in 1999.

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And in any case, a frat boy shouldn't be president. Speaking of enablers, how about that Billy Bush, a quarter-century younger than Trump, acting impressed to pump up his ego (as if that was necessary) and egging him on to new depths of depravity. What he describes with his memorable line is “sexual assault” by any standard I know.

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