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Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff After about six months of online dating, Sue Liang is more than a little disillusioned. It’s so hard to tell if someone’s really genuine, or what they’re looking for,” she says.

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I’ll tell them I’m a matchmaker and have amazing clients. I could match them with the love of their life,” she says. We ask about family history: Are your parents married, are you close to your family, do you have siblings? For example, this week I’m going to a networking event at the Vault, and even something as particular and specific as a Jewish MBA mixer at Sonsie.

Advertisement Though many singles have gotten used to using free dating apps and swiping right for a match, true love doesn’t always come cheap. Three-month packages cost a cool $3,500, which includes a compatibility assessment, vetting for each date, and feedback after each rendezvous. Matchmaking can cut through all of that and make it more efficient. There are a lot of doctors as well, and we all know doctors work around the clock. What do you ask potential matches when screening them?

The concept is familiar to viewers who have seen reality shows such as "The Bachelor": Wealthy man gets help finding soul mate, roster of women compete for his affections. I'm looking to match soul mates."Despite having had thousands of clients, Spindel says the closest she's come to failure are two men who took a dozen introductions each before they finally met their matches.

But in this case, the rich guy is paying a princely sum, sort of like a company using a headhunter to find its next CEO. "I have had men who didn't get married but are living with a woman or have had mini-relationships but not marriage," she says.

That number belongs to Janis Spindel of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, emphasis on the serious.

She's a woman on a mission: To find a wife for a client she calls "Jeremy," a Boston man who has hired her for 0,000.Experience a revolutionary dating system designed exclusively for gay men.Conventional methods don't seem to work for LTR-seekers and being the casual scene is so prevalant in the community - Gayquation was born.With an average age of 30 - 55 and a wide variety of careers, our US users know what it means to be professional.If you’re ready to find love that won’t require you to compromise your ambitions, try Elite Singles today.Six-month packages — with services like professional photography and a personal styling session — will run you ,000. It can be pretty tough in Boston, especially for an outsider, someone who just moved here for a job or graduate school, which is what I did. At the same time, Boston has such an incredible population of singles who are professionals—very successful, driven people. There are so many hardworking, busy professionals here.

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