Updating wmi

PARTIAL_OK means that the v Scope WMI probe did not complete successfully on all queries performed towards the target computer.

updating wmi-16

Sometimes there are problems when scanning specific machines with WMI.

The problems can manifest themselves as WMI queries timing out and machine scans completing with “PARTIAL_OK” status.

Python is able to use WMI by means of COM-enabling packages such as Mark Hammond’s pywin32 extensions or the comtypes spinoff from Thomas Heller’s ctypes.

The WMI module assumes that the pywin32 extensions are present, and exposes a slightly more Python-friendly interface to the sometimes messy WMI scripting API.

If this does not help and the problem did not appear to be a temporary one, continue below.

WMIDiag is a tool from Microsoft and can be downloaded here.

First scan your Nano Server for any missing updates.

$scan Results = Invoke-Cim Method -Input Object $sess -Method Name Scan For Updates -Arguments @ This will take a little bit since it's going out to the Windows Update catalog, finding all of the latest applicable updates and checking that list against all of the updates that are already installed on your Nano Server.

WMI is preinstalled in Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Me, and Windows 2000.

This tutorial covers accessing WMI specifically using the Python programming language and assumes you have downloaded and installed Python itself, the pywin32 extensions and the WMI Python module.

Let’s define some actors in the v Scope discovery process: Reading on you will find proposed repair options for WMI and ways to detect if there is something wrong with the WMI repository on the target machine.

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