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Web Service1 I reference this using a web reference in my web application. Deal (service1 is just the name of the web reference) I can access both properties above.

Theres a method called "Get Deal" in this web service, that returns a "Deal" Object. I have now changed the Deal class, and added a couple more properties.

The deal object currently looks (for example) like this: This class is in a different assembly: My Company. However, I can't see these new properties in my web application. I recommend you look at the WSDL to see if the changes took effect. wsdl" to the web service URL in the browser, and look to see if your new properties appear in the XML Schema at the top.

updating web reference-3

Can you get a more complete version of the error message?

(When manual steps are involved the odds are still in favour of some slight difference in the manual steps causing the problem though.) The screenshot below shows that there were three lines in the WSDL that needed to be deleted.

Then, edit the port number in the Web Reference Url property of the web reference. While this works I feel that there must be a better way.

It seems that VS and Cassini should be able to resolve this without manual intervention.

I also tried doing it in Visual Studio 2012, with no success.

Yep weird unless some setting or the underlying libraries that somehow both 20 run on have changed.

I rebuilt the web service several times, tried removing the My Company.

The Problem is that I have a web reference genereted from WSDL file.

Currently, we've got all of the URLs stored in keys in the web.config file, so that we can change them dynamically... If I change the URL in the web.config to something other than what the project was compiled with, I get an error when calling the service: Server did not recognize the value of HTTP Header SOAPAction: xx.101\Service Name\Method Name I'm told that the only way they've known to deploy this is to update the web.config URLs, change all of the web references in Visual Studio to match, click on "update web reference" for each reference in Visual Studio, and then compile. I've written a pre-build NAnt script to go through and replace all instances of the URL found anywhere in the project directory, and even that isn't making any difference. Especially the namespace must be the same for all the referenced services.

There must be something else being pulled down from the service when I click the "update reference", but I'm new to working with web services, and so I'm not sure what. If the namespaces and everything else is exactly the same at your referenced webservice you will only have to update your webservice endpoint, not the whole web reference.

This is just so bizarre, because I have done this for years, with the involved application, and have never had this problem.

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