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The daemon runs on my headless Linux server that acts as my home file server, web server, etc. However the version that is part of Debian Wheezy – version 2.52-3 – is a bit crusty compared with the latest v.2.84.

However in between the Wheezy/stable release and Sid/unstable things changed enough that its basically not possible to do a simple Sid backport due to required libraries which do not exist for Wheezy.

Trying to backport all the required libraries and their subsequent dependencies would be really difficult.

In the meantime, the MATE desktop environment was forked from GNOME 2.

The Mint team decided to incorporate MATE into Linux Mint 12 "Lisa" alongside MGSE, to give users a choice whether to use the traditional GNOME 2 desktop or the GNOME 3-based MGSE. Since GNOME Shell was going in a different direction than the Mint developers had in mind, it was clear that MGSE was not viable in the long run.

Originally meant for television reception and streaming the discovery and exploitation of the separate raw mode used in FM reception was perhaps first noticed by Eric Fry in March of 2010 and then expanded upon by Antti Palosaari in Feb 2012 who found that these devices can output unsigned 8bit I/Q samples at high rates. rtlsdr as we know it today was created by the osmocom people in the form of rtl-sdr and osmo SDR, keenerd is the author of many other rtl_* tools: rtl_fm, rtl_power (heatmap.py), rtl_adsb and code changes accepted into the mainline. The dongles with an E4000 tuner can range between 54-2147 MHz (in my experience) with a gap over 1100-1250 MHz in general.

A lot of people other people have helped build it up from there.

I love Debian for its stability and would not change it for anything.

However there are instances when I would like to run an updated version of something and there does not exist a backport for it.

Verify that everything is working by opening a broswer and pointing it to

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