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You can shepardize other things besides cases like court rules, regulations, and more.

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The desired result would be librarians across South Carolina who are better equipped and more confident when assisting their patrons with legal research.

To reach the largest possible audience in the most economical way, we created this online guide that includes all of the Circuit Riders training materials and videos.

Slip laws are generally not collected by law libraries.

Another point to remember is that the official code produced by the legislative body often lags significantly behind the annotated code produced by private third parties.

As a result, updates are slow, and care should be used in making sure you have the most current. You could also check with the reference desk of your local public law library to find out the particulars for your state.

The way that you tell whether a case is still good law is to perform a process called Shepardizing.

To do this, you either use a set of books called Shepards Citations, or you could also shepardize with a CD-Rom, or you can shepardize on the internet at a cost of .95 per citation (click on the Shepards Citations).

Many public libraries don't have access to Shepard's so you may need to refer the patron to a public law library or have the patron shepardize on the internet.

The federal statutes are published in three different places and how you update them will depend on which version of the statutes you carry in your library.

This version of the statutes comes from the Government Printing Office.

The 2002 amendment includes ‘other violence’, extending protection to those at risk of ‘violence’ from non-associated persons; but the definition of violence is the same.

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