Updating seat covers

But while it's no easy task, it's not the massive job most would imagine.

When it came time to re-cover the seats for Project C5X, we happened to be at the Mid America Funfest and elected to document the procedure step-by-step.

The interiors of our beloved Chevys are simply victims of time and use.

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Our selection of auto seat covers is plentiful and will fulfill anything you want.

We offer saddle blanket seat covers, camouflage seat covers, canvas seat covers, Cambridge tweed, neoprene waterproof seat covers, leather like seat covers and so much more.

Updating the interior is one of the easiest and most dramatic changes you can make to immediately change the entire look and feel of the car.

There are so many options when it comes to color and design that it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Since they utilize the original factory seat frames, the overall cost of having killer seats in your Chevy are kept down.

As for costs, the front seat foam retails for 2 per seat and the covers pencil out at 7 for the pair.The good news is that the aftermarket makes it easy to restore your interior back to "better than new" status.While just about every interior restoration widget can already be found in some catalog, some companies are also ramping up their line of "better than stock" Chevy parts. They've been churning out high-quality interior restoration parts and are now delving into soft parts with a custom touch.Whether it’s a truck or a car we have the fabric that you want.We only sell OEM seat covers, not second rate covers.Matt Daniels performed the seat re-cover for us, so let's check out how involved this job really was.

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