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Below I’ll walk you through getting your system ready for building and compiling open source software.

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The following command will make it the default for the user: This guide discussed how to update Ruby on OS X Maverick.

It showed how to install Homebrew, rbenv/ruby-build and how to use rbenv to install and then default to a new version of Ruby.

Alternatively you can install from a terminal as well, use the ''apt-get ''command-line tool to install Ruby and Ruby Gems, as shown below.

Debian Linux * Ubuntu is built onto of a Debian foundation, so the same steps and options as Ubuntu above for the Alternative install method, or by GUI using a Debian graphical package manager such as "Synaptic" instead of Software Center, or by what ever other means you tend to normally add and remove installed from your Debian system, thats well past the scope of this wiki page, for further help with installing software on Debian you can begin reading here and/or join Debian's support channel for real time text group chat with individuals willing to help you if they are able.

If you have not already done so you may wish to read the Installing Calabash on OS X guide and install Calabash.

Open up the 'Software Center' app from your launcher and type in `Ruby Gems` without quotes into the application search box at the top right, and press [enter].You access this command prompt from the Windows Start menu ( All Programs gem update --system From a terminal, use the yum command-line tool to install Ruby and Ruby Gems. This page describes how to use major package management systems and third-party tools for managing and installing Ruby and how to build Ruby from source.Test to ensure that the gem command is in your path: $ which gem If the command is not found, then update your PATH variable accordingly.For example, you can update your .bashrc file with the following line: export PATH=$PATH:/var/lib/gems/1.8/bin Download and install Ruby Installer for Windows. Be sure you use the Ruby-enabled command prompt window when you later install and use vmc.[on OFTC Internet Relay Chat Link Address] Mac's with version 10.5 Leopard or higher already have Ruby and Ruby Gems installed, Ruby and Ruby Gems update instructions are found here at the Homebrew for OS X page, as well as instructions for adding Homebrew to your OS X machine if you do not already have it installed.

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