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Some projects may call for running short lengths of new supply pipe or gas pipe but no elaborate drain-waste-vent installations.

Some building inspectors will want you to obtain a permit for any installation, no matter how small.

Electrical Updates for Lighting: Though single overhead bulbs have a certain minimalist charm, most modern homeowners find that having multiple lights in a single room looks better and allows for added control.

Adding track lighting and/or dimmer switches to living and bedrooms, task lighting to kitchens, and low-voltage lighting to your landscaping brings a new look to these areas and gives you enough flexibility to adjust your lighting scheme to fit the function currently taking place.

Others don't want to conduct inspections unless an installation requires running new pipes. safe consult with your local building department before tackling any of the projects described in this section.

An inspector may provide valuable advice for some of the more complicated connections, such as connecting water, gas, or electric lines to a water heater or solving water pressure problems.[more]TTE 93306Paid: 1208.00Went for echo at cardiologist's office.There are many home improvement projects that get us excited.Electrical Updates for Garages and Workshops: Can you use a power tool without unplugging the freezer?If not, upgrading the electrical service in your workshop or garage will reduce the chances of overloading your circuits, allow you to work more freely, and may even open up the area to other uses.Piping It is important to be aware of the type of piping used throughout the property, as various types present unique challenges as they age.

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