dating for motorcycle lovers - Updating iis

Working on a project where we are storing pictures(.png) on IIS 6.These pictures get overwritten every second, with the same filename.

updating iis-16

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What makes this interesting is if I type that same address in another browser, specifically Fire Fox and Chrome, I always see the most recent updated picture. The only way we have found to resolve this issue is to set a task to reset the IIS every hour. These pictures are being displayed on a digital signage app, 9 'dashboards' on one flat screen.

Right now, the reset is woking and we do not want the app to misbehave as executives are meeting this week.

Overview: Migrating your SSL certificate from one Windows server to another Windows server will require you to export and then import your SSL key pair from server A to server B using a PFX backup file.

If you have not yet created a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and ordered your certificate, see IIS SSL Certificate CSR Creation :: Microsoft IIS.The best way to test your certificate using a browser is to visit its secure URL with a browser other than Internet Explorer.We recommend this because Internet Explorer is able to verify your site is trusted with or without the intermediate certificate, but most other browsers cannot do this.After you have created a mirror server and configured clients to access the mirror server for updates, you can set the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to act as the mirror server.What is an update mirror and what is its functionality?See Renewing Microsoft IIS 5.x/6.x SSL Certificates.

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