Updating game data lotro

Almost every game I own crashes at launch anybody got a solid lead on how to fix this I would appreciate any help thanks.

My 4000 error only started yesterday and came with the detailed message System. It is the advert download that is blocked thus stopping the entire patch.

I know I was not going to download the game again as it's almost a full months download allowance on my contract and many hours of waiting.

I have only had this problem with the last updates - but since then I have installed the beta for Rifts - could this be effecting it?

Massively-multiplayer online Role Playing games (MMORPG or MMO) were still new and Turbine's LOTRO was breaking new ground with a well-known literary source - JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings.

I know I'm not the only one with this problem but i feel like I'm chasing lose ends.

Almost every post I find on this has a different answer and blames a different source.

Opening the file from the zipped folder will be READ ONLY.

Also, for both file extension types, you will need to enable the macros to run for the file to function as intended.

I have tried everything but the uninstall and reinstall and still get the error.

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