Updating flash using iwrap

The i WRAP is an embedded Bluetooth stack for Bluegiga's Bluetooth classic modules.

updating flash using iwrap-37

The Adobe Flash Player browser plugin lets you view video and animated content in Firefox.

This article has information about testing, installing, updating, uninstalling and troubleshooting the Adobe Flash plugin.

Because of that you might expect the Microsoft scripting technologies - such as Windows Script Host (WSH) and VBScript - to have some of the coolest and fanciest graphical user widgets around. Outside of a message box here and an input box there, neither WSH nor VBScript offers much in the way of GUI elements. If you want a graphical user interface, you’re simply going to have to give up scripting and turn to full-fledged, full-time programming. Let’s think about this for a second: why do people like scripting in the first place?

Using WSH and/or VBScript, can you create a form that enables you to select computer names from a list box? Can you create a form that allows people to select options from a series of check boxes? Well, scripting enables you to perform useful tasks quickly and easily, without having to compile anything and without having to use anything more powerful (or expensive) than Notepad.

HTML Applications (HTAs) provide a way for you to wrap your scripts up in a graphical user interface, an interface replete with check boxes, radio buttons, drop-down lists and all those other Windows elements you’ve grown to love.

In this article, the first of a multi-part series, we’ll introduce the basics behind creating your very own HTA.FFU workflows are not part of the ADK for Windows 10, Version 1703.Once you've created an FFU image, it can't be modified or edited offline.Deploy Windows faster on the factory floor by using the Full Flash Update (FFU) image format.With FFU images, you can apply a Windows image and partition information directly to a drive or an SD card.All you need to do is add a little magic specific to your host to implement the UART hardware interfacing required, and then just write event handlers for whatever parts of i WRAP's functionality you want to harness.

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