Updating firmware on a gxp2020

I'm setting up a new office for a communications services company and bought 4 IP phones to evaluate and test.The Grandstream GXP-2020, the Linksys SPA-942, the Cisco/Linksys SPA-508G and the Cisco/Linksys SPA-525G. Even at twice the cost of the Grandstream, I've been leaning towards the Cisco SPA-525G because I've known their phones to be truly stable and reliable, and the display and menu system seems much nicer (probably because of the higher resolution and the addition of color), but the GXP-2020 is sure giving the Cisco phones a run for their money. Personally, I feel it looks more like an office phone than the Cisco does.

updating firmware on a gxp2020-41updating firmware on a gxp2020-55updating firmware on a gxp2020-14

HT-286 and HT-486 have different hardware and firmware versions. Handy Tone-286, Handy Tone-486, Budge Tone 100 Series: For firmware releases prior to the release, please Firmware (HT286/HT486/BT100) is avaiable at TFTP server 1.189 Once upgraded, firmware can NOT be downgraded to firmware versions prior to

Please fully test new versions prior to committing to a global network upgrade.

Enabling STUN support may also help on the newer firmwares.

A lot of users have complained about presence not working properly with Aastra phones.

Currently, changing the transport from UDP to TCP seems to resolve these issues.

This has been tested against firmware 2.6.0 all model Aastra phones.

Also, when trying to use a port other than 5060 behind a NAT, on the Advanced/Global SIP page you might try changing "Local SIP UDP/TCP Port" to whatever port you are registering on with your Line settings.

This lets the Free SWITCH server return SIP traffic on the same port your phone sent SIP traffic out on.

I also like the feel of the handset better, the bigger screen, 6 lines vs.

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