Updating figures in word document

- Mailings Match Fields - Match Fields allows you to tell Word the meaning of different fields in your recipient list.You want the numbered list in your Word document to start at 1, but it keeps starting at 4, even if you select Restart Numbering from the shortcut menu.Overview ii Terminology 1 Set up the program to work your way 2 Write, edit, and review documents 3 Control page layout 4 Use templates and styles 6 Use fields 7 Work with large or complex documents 8 Work with graphics 9 This document covers only some of the things a former user of Word might wish to know.

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) In these cases although you may be able to setup an Excel file to look exactly like its Word equivalent. The 2007/10 Sample has been tested on both Office 2007 & 20/03 Sample has been tested on Office XP (and I make no claim that it will work in prior versions but it might/should) Open the example workbook (Production from the above links) or your own data file.

Notice that there are 3 worksheets in the workbook: Control: The master sheet which allows selection of your filter or summation criteria and a button to execute a macro Transfer: The transfer sheet, the entry or summation here will be transferred to word Data: The database The control sheet is a simple data validation or selection tool and a button which will run a macro.

In other words, the new paragraph's first field code would update to 8, the second to 9, and so on.

You specify the formatting and location, and Word will replace it with actual addresses from your recipient list when you finish the mail merge.

- Mailings Highlight Merge Fields - Highlight the fields you have inserted into the document.

This makes it easy to see what part of your form letter will be replaced by information from the recipient list you have chosen.

To create the inline numbering sequence, copy the code and the surrounding parentheses.

Position the cursor where you want to continue the sequence within your text and press [Ctrl] V.

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