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Objective :- ● Manually upgrade fedora core kernel using rpm package ● To upgrade the package currently installed to a new version. This is the same as install, except all other version(s) of the package are removed after the new package is installed. Check the current kernel version with this command. If there is no change to the kernel version, your upgrade may be failed.ability :- ● able to query information about currently installed package. The kernel package contains the Linux kernel (vmlinuz), the core of the Red Hat Linux operating system. in this example, the upgrading process is successful base on the version change to new version.I would rather ask first before performing said action as I'm afraid that, that command will leave me without a kernel to boot Fedora 22.

updating fedora kernel-61

This tends to reduce the number of package dependency issues you may encounter.

If you are upgrading from an End of life release, please also see the end-of-life section.

So I was booting always on the same version instead of the most recent one as I configured it before.

dnf-plugin-system-upgrade is a plugin for the dnf package manager which handles system upgrades.

But please read this page, all references pages and search the mailing list archives before filing bugs. If you want to help make live upgrades work smoothly, join the Live Upgrade Special Interest Group.

If you need to upgrade across several releases, it is generally recommended to go one release at a time: for example, rather than going directly from Fedora 24 to Fedora 26, first go to Fedora 25 and then from there to Fedora 26.

(Seems to happen more with a development release.) When it does happen, the older kernel is clearly highlighted in grub's boot menu, so I just cursor to the new kernel.

I recently installed Ubuntu in dual boot with my Fedora and it messed up my boot menu.

Backup any personal data to an external hard drive or to another machine.

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