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Ended up doing a complete reinstall and guess what? Time to get a new machine or something man that is nasty brutal. And Fershlugg, you have an AMD 760 chipset, not a VIA.With the latest chipset drivers on hand all my problems went away... That would literally drive me insane--it almost did once and then I shelled out some cash to save my sanity. VIA just released it KT266 chipset drivers for a mobo w/ DDR/Athlon/266FSB a few weeks ago.Registry Reviver removes the erroneous .nvram association from your Windows Registry, making it easier to associate this file with a new program.

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Its main features include Remote Connections that provides continuous establishment of remote connection to hosts that are running in VMware v Sphere, Workstation and VMware v Center.

Its Share feature allows users to share VMs so that teammates can get access to it and for faster testing of applications in a more production-like setting.

This message was edited by Fershlugg on AM Yeah, Im gonna give that a shot Fershlugg. Wouldn't it be better to get the drivers for your specific chipset?

I'll keep you posted on what happens, but lately i've been able to get into windows. Or do 4-in-1's work well with other company's chipsets?

In my testing, this reset will result in the following SIP configuration: Resetting the NVRAM, otherwise known as a PRAM reset or PRAM zap, has been a standard part of the Mac troubleshooting toolkit for a long time and is performed by pressing and holding down the Option, Command (⌘), P, and R keyboard keys at startup.

For shops that do not plan to change SIP’s default configuration or set a Net Boot whitelist, NVRAM resets causing SIP’s configuration to also reset should not affect normal operations.

Im probably gonna have to format C drice and re-install windows they say. I bet that the best drivers weren't on your machine at the moment, causing the horrendous crash.

*D'Sparil* Well, with the BIOS update apparently Windows found some new hardware and attempted to install the drivers for it.

(Download Link Below) Step 2] Click the 'System Config' button.

Make sure the 'Wifi Address' option box is checked and click the 'Save' button to continue.

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