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Fill(ds Users) ' Set the primary key in order to use the Find() method ' below. Dim cb = New Ole Db Command Builder(da Users) ' Update an existing record in the Data Set Dim r As Data Row = ds Users.

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However, if you want to send changes to the database or to another process, the dataset has to maintain change information for deleted rows.

Data tables therefore provide special methods for deleting records so this information can be retained.

Although typed datasets can use the same syntax as untyped datasets, there are additional advantages to using typed datasets.

For more information, see the "To update existing records using typed datasets" section below.

You gave the adapter a select command (check your code) you need to give it an update command.

Item("Stock Code") = "Re-Fashion[G]" End If Next It says to update data Adapter, isn't it? Open() Dim cust DS As Data Set = New Data Set cust DA. Fill(cust DS, "dwbprocref") For Each d Row In cust DS. I think outputting to a label takes longer than the actual row creation. Private Sub bgw Update_Do Work(sender As Object, e As System. Command Timeout = 30 Dim cust DA As Sql Data Adapter = New Sql Data Adapter cust DA.

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