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Introduction A Data Grid View control can be used to display data from a database.

updating database using datagridview c-32

The Data Grid View control is the new grid control for Windows Froms 2.0.

It replaces the Data Grid control with an easy to use and extremely customizable grid that supports many of the features that are needed for our customers.

All your insertions, updates, and deletions will be effected by the single button.

In the preceding code, I created a data Grid View1_Row Header Mouse Click Event for updating and deleting the selected record.

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This method uses the Sql Data Adapter to populate a Data Set.

Without this code everything works great but I need the picture to change depending on the row selected and the name of the picture will be in a static column that will not change.

cmd = new Ole Db Command("insert into FWINFOS (ID, Name, Gender, Date Of Birth, Race, Working Place, Passport NO, Date Of Expire,[Position], Photo) values('" text Box5.

Fill(table); Binding Source b Source = new Binding Source(); b Source.

Abstract: Data Grid View control is a Windows Forms control that gives you the ability to customize and edit tabular data.

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