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While the same should work in a real Lotus Notes environment we can not support that assumption with our own experience.

When both programs are configured properly you will have a new option under Actions menu in your Lotus Notes to use whenever you want to synchronize calendars.

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When using the Web Ex integration to Lotus Notes to schedule a meeting, you can invite attendees by selecting them in any of your Lotus Notes address books.

You can also invite attendees who are not in an Lotus Notes contacts list by providing their email addresses.

If your browser is set to reject cookies, your sign in cannot proceed and the Sign In page will reappear.

In Internet Explorer, you can manage your cookies by selecting Tools - Internet Options and then using the options on the Security tab.

Please use your Lotus | IBM collaboration solutions registration (LDD/ user name and password to sign in to forums and wikis hosted at Note: Lotus Registration is a separate user name that is not the same as your IBM developer Works user name.

(You must have cookies enabled on your browser to successfully sign in.) Our sign-in system requires a file called a "cookie" to be set.

Please contact Microsoft for more information Have the Outlook/Exchange chair check their Contacts for an entry (or entries) for the Notes invitee and remove them. In this instance, the chair had a saved contact for the user that caused the problem.

Once it was removed, the user received the invitation as normal and was able to accept or decline the invite as expected.

Cause In this case, it was found that the Outlook / Exchange chair had the Notes user’s address saved in Contacts.

IBM cannot determine why this would have such an affect.

client if you will also be using the Notes client to interact with these entries.

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