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NET and Visual Studio include a ton of great new features and capabilities. NET 4.5 you'll see a bunch of really nice improvements with both Web Forms and MVC - as well as in the core ASP. Today's post is the third of three posts in the series that talk about the new Model Binding support coming to Web Forms.NET Web Forms, and provides a code-focused data-access paradigm.In the preceding tutorial we saw how to extend the Data Access Layer to add support for database transactions.

Let's start with the Grid View sample from the previous post, configured to use Model Binding to show some data from the Northwind Products table.

The Grid View calls the configured Get Products method, which in turn is using Entity Framework Code First to simply return the Products property on my Northwind data context instance.

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NET Core 1.1 is now available as a stable release on!

As I've mentioned I've carried this project forward from the early ASP. The latest update moves the application to the new Done!

As part of the update process my code has moved to . NET Standard which is very nice compared to the nasty clutter that occurred in older versions before . There are a few natural dependencies in the business object project which is roughly what you would see in classic . The Web project has quite a few small granular dependencies - this still looks a bit messy, but is not too far off what we had in classic ASP.

NET Standard 1.6.1 which has significantly reduced the Package clutter seen in . NET projects with package dependencies for various application level framework components.

This is the fifth in a series of blog posts I'm doing on ASP. Model Binding is an extension of the existing data-binding system in ASP.

In this post I want to briefly touch on the latest set of updates, which are: The application is a mobile friendly Web application that browses Albums, Artists and Tracks.

It also supports editing of the data via a simple client and server based authentication mechanism.

NET Core with the Kestrel webserver in the round 13 Tech Empower benchmarks.

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