Updating a 1940 s colonial house dating friendship site in usa

Most of the original period Colonials have a small kitchen in the rear of the house, generally behind the dining room.Typically, other first floor rooms are located on the opposite side of the center hall.In this gallery you'll find a sampling of 1950s-era Cape Cods sold in communities across North America.

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Updating a 1940 s colonial house

Minimally decorated with sculpted trim along the cross gable, all 818 square feet of this expandable home would make a good start for any family.

Attached garages were modern additions, but more often they were truly "attached," as in Floor Plan for a Small Cape Cod Home.

The landscaping in the 1950s was known for fast-growing trees and shrubs.

These kinds of plantings have a tendency to look overgrown.

Bruce Wentworth, AIA, is a practicing architect whose insights on residential architec-ture have been published in House Beautiful, the New York Times, Southern Living, the Washingtonian, Washington Post, Colonial Homes and Other periodicals.

Ask the Architect appears frequently in the Times Mirror news group, and has been featured in titles published by Media General, Network Communications and others.

Chances are good that many Americans lived in a "minimal modern" style of house at some point.

Displaying little decoration but traditional in design, these inexpensive but basic homes were built in great numbers throughout the United States from America's Great Depression to the end of and recovery from World War II.

The Colonial style is especially well suited to remodeling and expanding, because the massing forms are simple block shapes, making scale and proportion easy to achieve.

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