Update on datagrid not updating

but this time when i press Add button an object is added and datagrid updates correctly but from the second item added to collection datagrid does not update anymore. I wanted to refresh my datagrid itemssource in code behind, and nothing updated. In fact, it was because I declared the itemssource on datagrid in the xaml file too.

This thread looks to be a little on the old side and therefore may no longer be relevant.

Please see if there is a newer thread on the subject and ensure you're using the most recent build of any software if your question regards a particular product. 11, 2013 nightly build and we found the following problem: 1) Binding the Data Grid with Data Table.

When ever up button is pressed I want the selected row in the datagrid to move one step up in the based on the sequence column in the database and for down one step down.. Problem is the changes get shown in the datagrid only when the entire view is refreshed. Only pointers in the code that needs to be emphasized is the Observable Collection Job Entities, Move Up and Move Down commands.

My requirement is when the button is clicked I want the view to be automatically refreshed. View Model.cs: The next part is that an Observable Collection will only notify on changes to the collection itself (add/remove).

Default View 2) A work thread is updating the Data Table 3) For the existing rows, if any cell value changed, it will update, which is good.

4) If the work thread add new rows to the Data Table, then the new row will not shown on the Data Grid.Any modifications to an element within the list will not have have the notify message sent.To do this, the simplest method is to implement the to the elements used in the Observable Collection I'm using PRISM 5 in the example, so it should be pretty equal to what you're doing.i've a problem updating my datagrid when clicking the button by using Notify Property Changed. Items Source in code behind, but it doesn't if i set it in xaml. updating works fine, but the ui is only updating if set the Items Source in code behind. here's some code of code behind & xaml: the collection is updated via Cmd Collection Changed Execute when clicking the button. The Alarms property starts out as null, but the Click event handler loads them into the Alarms property from the database.

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