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Rather than eliminate prom all together, Latter-day Saints in various locations have decided to create their own version of the Senior Prom, or High School Prom, an event celebrating the graduating seniors and attended by students in each class.

The intent of a Mo-Prom or a “Mormon Prom” is to keep all the good things about prom and eliminate the pitfalls.

Julie gazed into her lover’s eyes, and longed to feel his gentle hands caressing her cheek.

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This book isn't a "how-to" book as much as it is an idea book.

They share so many quotes from youth and young adults who stayed strong in their faith, or who fell. I love this book i read it long time ago and always want it to get it to keep it at home to remeber the tips. I read it maybe 3 years ago and since then i have 2 other kids so im planning to follow the steps which i think they are pretty good. This is perhaps my favorite parenting book although it doesn't tell you 'how' to parent.

Free-of-care would certainly describe a young person more accurately than it would most adults.

Beautiful or not, young people seldom worry about a mortgage, a job, taxes, a homeowners association or health care.

It presents the information in a very easy to read and encouraging manner.

You CAN have children that grow up to be virtuous, honorable, god-fearing and charitable.Not a Care in the World Recently I saw a middle-aged man riding his beach bike down the street with his back erect, and no inclination to hold on to the handle bars. His graying temples did nothing to derail my assessment.He truly reminded me of someone without a care in the world.She equated youth with beauty and beauty with being sexually desirable. The plastic surgery center I pass every time I leave my neighborhood calls itself “Youthful Medical Spa.” The title insinuates that a face lift or a tummy tuck will bring back one’s youth.Equating youth with beauty, however, leads us off-track when exploring what it means to feel youthful.The authors did a large study of teenagers and adults to find out which things their parents did well and not so well.

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