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If a bank charges against the account of a customer a check before the date stated in the notice of postdating, the bank is liable for damages for the loss resulting from its act.The loss may include damages for dishonor of subsequent items under Section 400.4-402.

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Uniform commercial code post dating checks

Moreover, the debtor�s counsel and the court both notified the creditor of the bankruptcy filing.

Notwithstanding, the creditor presented the post-dated checks to the debtor�s bank which were honored almost one month after the bankruptcy filing. � 362, a petition filed under � 301 operates as a stay, applicable to, among other things, �any act to obtain possession of property of the estate or of property from the estate or to exercise control over property of the estate� and �any act to collect, assess, or recover a claim against the debtor that arose before the commencement of the case under this title.� Essentially, debt collection efforts must stop on the filing of the bankruptcy petition.

to pay for supplies necessary for manufacturing and production.

Raw Material Services, Inc, neglected to deposit these checks at the bank.

The bank receiving a stale check can return the check to the paying bank marked unpaid, request a new check be issued or consult with the person who wrote the check.

For example, XYZ Company submitted a series of checks to Raw Material Services, Inc.

These checks are dated between August 1 and August 31, 2009 and the current date is May 15, 2010.

The payment date for these checks is over six months old. elects to deposit the checks at their bank, they will be classified as stale checks or stale dated checks.

(a) A bank may charge against the account of a customer an item that is properly payable from that account even though the charge creates an overdraft.

An item is properly payable if it is authorized by the customer and is in accordance with any agreement between the customer and bank.

Recently, at the request of my tech support contractor, I renewed my service contract with him. You did not commit a crime and you probably did not violate the law.

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