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Belonging to many ethnic groups, Ugandans speak over 30 different African languages.English and Swahili are the country’s official languages.Swahili is a useful communication link with the country’s Eastern neighbours of Kenya and Tanzania, where it's also spoken.

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But the low-cost clothes come at a high price for young children toiling in the store's Indian sweatshops.

An investigation revealed that children as young as 11 were working in squalid conditions, sewing tiny beads and sequins onto cheap t-shirts by candle-light.

Other Bantu-speaking groups include the Ankole, Toro, Banyoro and Basoga.

To the east and north are groups of Nilotic/Cushitic origin, including the Teso, Karimojong, Acholi and Lango.

11-year-old Mantheesh (right) and a young boy work sewing sequins and beads on to Primark tops Primark recently axed three suppliers in India for passing work to unapproved sub-contractors using child labour.

Children working at home were embroidering dresses and other items sold in the fashion chain's 170 stores.

We’re in the north of Uganda and the scene around us is of a kind of pastoral paradise: huts of earth and thatch; the green shoots of sweet potatoes in the dark earth; hills in the distance. Tell me.” “It is not my father.” I ask Norman why he denied this. Three days later, it took its next descending step. The victim looked 18 and was an LRA veteran of about four years who’d attempted escape.

It’s hard to imagine this place as it was on January 1 1994, with a Ugandan army helicopter flying low, AK47s firing, and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), somewhere out there, whispering among the tall grasses. “Because if I accept, they would make me kill him.” The LRA often forced recruits to murder their parents so that they’d have no family to escape to. More than 300 new recruits were being marched – starving, dry-mouthed and exhausted – to the LRA base over Uganda’s northern border.

The revelations were highly embarrassing for a company that has always claimed it is possible to sell T-shirts for as little as £2 without compromising its ethics.

War on Want supporters demonstrate outside the Primark shop on Oxford Street today The company were alerted to the use of child labour in southern India by a BBC Panorama investigation for a programme to be screened on Monday.

On that day, Norman was 12, which was around the age at which the LRA liked to recruit its fighters. As they gathered around, a commander instructed the newcomers to step forward and select a weapon.

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