Ucla cwm dating and domestic violence

Call (424)-259-6000 and press 3 to be connected to a counselor.

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Tragically, it is not a surprise that this act of violence was linked to domestic violence, yet it’s devastating that these crimes have become so commonplace.

Domestic violence is often a precursor to other acts of violence.

CARE also offers awareness and prevention education to the campus community.

Our mission: Campus Assault Resources & Education (CARE) Program promotes an environment free of sexual and gender-based violence.

Their phone number is (424)-259-7208 [press 3 to be connected to a counselor].

The following represents a sample of information to get you started and is not meant to be exhaustive.

Thirty-one percent of all mass shooting deaths in 2015 were related to domestic violence incidents.

[3] Oftentimes when you see tragic or deadly violence, the offender is a perpetrator of domestic violence.

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Custom workshops and trainings are offered on a variety of topics related to sexual violence.

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