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No wait, Jena Dover…aaargh, the suspense is killing me – Gossip Guy]Complete the sentence: I would never, ever… My life hasn’t always been this good, but it’s because of all the struggle that success tastes this sweet. [Sneaky of you – Gossip Guy.]What two super-powers do you wish you had? I wish I could’ve made it as a professional sportsman.

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We had time to sit down with Ty and find out a little bit more about him. Everybody is human, mistakes and weakness are in our nature, so I’d rather be inspired by actions than by people. A : I’ve always been in awe of acting, but for many years I wanted to be a director. It’s both the most rewarding and frustrating choice I’ve ever made.

Acting wasn’t the plan, but it happened organically and I haven’t looked back. As I often say “I get paid to wait, I act for free.”Q : If you had only 24 hours to live,what would you do?

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A : It was a surprise, but I’m honoured to hold the title. A : I can do it in a few words; work, beach, girlfriend, braai, family, friends, music. A : Not likely, I’m keeping busy behind the scenes at the moment.

Q : Complete this sentence when I was 18 I used to…? Q : What was the last thing you watched on Television? I’m sure something will come along soon that’ll get me in front of the camera again.

Later Ty honed his skills as an art director on commercials and music videos before eventually taking on the role of director.

At 16 he began appearing in TV commercials for some high profile brands including Vodacom UK, Pepsi USA, Opel Europe, Orange Communications, Nestle, KFC and many more.

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You know me from such exciting blogposts as “Hottie Of the Week: Chris Zylka“, “Generations Shocker: Connie Ferguson Quits“, “Darren Scott’s Wedding: The Inside Scoop” and “Holy Six-Pack, Batman! Being able to heal would be incredible – not keep people young but help those suffering in pain. It’s the one reoccurring dream I have and it’s always a disappointment when I wake up with gravity keeping me down. on the other, perhaps we could put you in a spandex superhero costume just for fun. – Gossip Guy.]What would you do with 5 million bucks? It’s possibly the only job that I think could be more fun than acting. That’s ok Jena, no Minki, no Roxy, no Natalie Becker will fill us in!

A : Surf, walk my dogs and tell my family and friends how much I love them. A : At the moment, Michael Fassbender and Ryan Gosling are absolutely killing it, but I’ve always been of big fan of De Niro and my idol is the king of cool Steve Mc Queen.

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