Try to be more accommodating

I would like to thank Ms Budreikaitfor the extensive work that she has done in compiling the draft report and accommodating the amendments made by me and my colleagues on the Committee on Development.(CS) Commission President, President-in-Office of the Council, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud of the fact that the Czech Presidency will go down in the history of the EU as the model of an accommodating, professional, non-partisan and well prepared administration.(CS) Panie przewodniczący Komisji, panie urzędujący przewodniczący Rady, panie i panowie!

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Females are thought to be more accommodating, win-win negotiators who seek to preserve existing relationships by expanding the joint returns achieved by negotiating parties.

If these stereotypical assumptions are right, we might expect male lawyers and business persons to obtain better negotiating results than female attorneys and business persons.

It occurs because I am by nature very accommodating, peace loving, and directly avoid conflict.

I get upset (without verbalizing) at the way I’m being treated, but I never know how to fix it.

vary, alter, change - become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence; "her mood changes in accordance with the weather"; "The supermarket's selection of vegetables varies according to the season"abide by, comply, follow - act in accordance with someone's rules, commands, or wishes; "He complied with my instructions"; "You must comply or else!

"; "Follow these simple rules"; "abide by the rules"I could have given my own sect the preference and made everybody a Presby- terian without any trouble, but that would have been to affront a law of human nature: spiritual wants and instincts are as various in the human family as are physical appetites, complexions, and features, and a man is only at his best, morally, when he is equipped with the religious garment whose color and shape and size most nicely themselves to the spirit- ual complexion, angularities, and stature of the indi- vidual who wears it; and, besides, I was afraid of a united Church; it makes a mighty power, the mightiest conceivable, and then when it by and by gets into selfish hands, as it is always bound to do, it means death to human liberty and paralysis to human thought.

I’m posting this shortly after realizing it for myself.

I’ll answer questions to help you get clarification, so you can help me reshape this attribute of mine.

Men are expected to be dominant and authoritative; women are supposed to be passive and submissive.

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