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Submod, not required but recommended My tool for generate maps Hello Had, Thanks for the mod, the maps look great, but I've noticed a bug, Alphamod buildings do not appear on spawn (megacities and such), the base system also doesn't take the name you give it in the empire creation page.

Over a hundred unique features help you improve every part of your Tribal Wars Experience.

View morale from a different player’s point of view (use "Set main" to set the correct player).8 highlight modes to highlight villages by different criteria: "Normal", "Activity", "Points", "Conquer", "Growth", "Attack", "Defend", "Tribeless".

Activity mode tracks the time since the player has last increased in points or defeated an enemy unit while attacking and colours the map accordingly, giving an accurate representation of activity.

and then you can figure out the rest from there, as it takes to long and also it defeats all the fun.

Slider of fallen empires doesn't work, there will be 4 fallen empires in every game.

Tribal Wars Map is a tool that helps you greatly speed up your daily routine.

Perfect for farming, exploring, planning and much more.

You can discuss Tribal Wars Map at the official Tribal Wars forums in the Tribal Wars Map discussion topic.

Tribal Wars Map is not affiliated with Tribal Wars.

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