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One is to measure the apparent length of tracks which intersect the etched surface. In contrast, a criterion which requires tracks to be in focus along their entire length is unsuitable because it causes a higher rejection rate for long tracks than for short tracks. This procedure would be more difficult on projected tracks.gap to produce a track with a wide middle (double etched) and a narrow extension (beyond the original gap). demonstrate less shortening of tracks parallel to the c axis than in other orientations.The Segment HTTP Tracking API lets you record analytics data from any website or application.

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This variation in track length can yield additional information about the cooling history of a sample, because the longer the residence time of a sample in the partial annealing zone, the larger will be the variation in track length around the mean value.

Therefore, fission track data can be used more effectively to study the thermal history of a sample if the apparent age determined from track density is augmented by study of the length of etched tracks. However, the etching of fission tracks in glasses tends to yield circular pits because of the smaller difference in structure, and hence etching rate, between tracks and the free surface.

Frans De Corte at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences.

This co-operation resulted in the develoment of a procedure of thermal neutron-fluence determination that has internationally been accepted as a reference procedure. A., Duyster, J., Hentjes-Kunst, F., Peterek, A., Schrder, B., Stkhert, B., Wemmer, K., Zulauf, G., Ahrendt, H., Bishoff, R., Hejl, E., Jacobs, J., Menzel, D., Lal, N., Van den haute, P., Vercoutere, C., Welzel B. Post-Variscan thermal and tectonic evolution of the KTB site and its surroundings.

Authenticate to the Tracking API by sending your project’s Write Key along with a request.

Authentication uses HTTP Basic Auth, which involes a ‘username:password’ that is base64 encoded and prepended with the string ‘Basic ‘. We’re hard at work surfacing more errors and more helpful responses to our users.

My solution was to create a dashboard that was dynamic so the team could easily see progress and act accordingly.

Before diving into the weeds, it’s worth thinking about what insights you’re after.

We have native sources for most use cases (Javascript, i OS, etc.) that are all built for high-performance and are open-source.

But sometimes you may want to send to the HTTP API directly—that’s what this reference is for.

Consequently, the progress of annealing in glasses is accompanied by a decrease in the diameter rather than length of etched tracks. These are tracks which do not break the general etched surface, but which become etched by the penetration of acid down a channel inside the mineral which intersects the track (Fig. The two most common types are termed Track-IN-Track (TINT) and Track-IN- et al.

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