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"My financial situation is much better than at 25," Proctor says.

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The current version of the app launched in February 2013 and in November 2015, timed matches appeared, meaning matches expire in a matter of days.

While the expiration timer was supposed to lead to more people meeting up instead of simply chatting, it led to lots of silent, disappearing matches, instead. Select users were asked to try a beta version of the app, and it looks and feels different than its previous incarnation.

Even I was drawn into the premise of this show in the beginning.

But if you take a step back and really think about what you’re watching, you’ll be confused as to why we praise this show, and the bachelor himself.

However, one of the oldest places to meet someone is no longer one of the most popular.

While it may have worked 10 years ago, people in their 30s say the bar scene is anything but the answer.The new version of Hinge is supposedly “for everyone who’s over the games…if you’re ready to be treated like a person, not a playing card.” It tells more of a story, and the pictures are larger and clearer, like Bumble. “Our decision to make a change was inspired by the story Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse by Nancy Jo Sales.The mission at Hinge has always been to create relationships — but somewhere along the way we started contributing to superficial swipe culture.— An estimated 40 percent of adults nationwide are single.For adults in their thirties, the dating game is no child's play. He says, being single at his age gives him more options.People of all ages, with their twerking, dating apps, and not-even-trying-to-hide-it adultery, have me asking myself the question: Am I a prude?

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