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The study was divided into two parts, one looking at lines that men use to meet women and the other looking at the inverse.

In the first part of the study 137 men and 163 women (90% of participants were under 27) were asked to list ‘lines’ that they thought would be successful.

These were then ranked by women on a 7 point scale (from 1-Terrible to 7-Excellent).

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I will go through the staggering amount of research in this area and attempt to find out if you can use science to orchestrate a perfect date!

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] There is more to the science of chat-up lines than utilising some classic science puns on an unsuspecting individual.

A surpring amount of research has been done into why we attempt pick-up lines and which have the greatest chance of a positive reception, a 1986 study by Chris Kleinke sought to answer the latter.

‘Testostérone’ is not just the hormone that endows men with these characteristics: it is also the name of probably the most masculine scent ever created.

Here is the essential male, with the odour of physical strength, the pungent vapour that rises from molten tar, the supreme essence of valuable agarwood, stringent medicinal spices and the brutal sensuality of exclusive patchouli crystals.

As a bit of a break from my usual blogging routine, this weeks blogs will all be on a theme.

The science of dating, moving from pick-up lines through to the biochemistry of long term relationships.

The younger the woman, the more he spends: The total spent on rings was positively correlated to the annual incomes of both men and women but negatively correlated to women's ages.

[] Research shows, if men didn't need to impress women, they probably wouldn't leave the couch: The results show that if there were no returns to career choices in the marriage market, men would tend to work less, study less, and choose blue‐collar jobs over white‐collar jobs.

In fact, an impromptu straw poll I conducted with 2 of my female friends yielded the following: ‘I don’t like it’ (first words out of her mouth) and ‘It smells exotic’.

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