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Recently i attended an Seminar in Lahore Pakistan that was organized by the British Council Pakistan and the topic was of Student Select Scheme.

The presenter was Sayeda Akbar who is Incharge of Student Select Scheme BCP Lahore and in audience only Students having conditional or unconditional offer letters were allowed.

No intro’s to the group, you don’t miss out on time with your friends, and you already know and like them as a person. And cheers to NOT running down the aisle and saying, “I Do! But I’m scared of getting hurt again.” Phrases like the ones listed above are commonplace in our dating world.

” As we get older, it becomes inevitable that most of our married friends want us to join them in the live of ‘Til death do us part’ And that being single is something we should probably change before it’s too Read More UH-OH. Thank you Elite Daily for posting our latest and semi controversial article. While they do hold some merit, we can’t help but wonder if this is a Read More POPSUGAR asked us to come up with the best of the best dating terms from 2016…

"All you need to get a date is another date." We have all heard this beyond frustrating phrase while experiencing a dating drought.

When you are the single person on the receiving end of this you want to know who the eff came up with this phrase and punch them in the face, because, in actuality, it makes no sense.

Our dating world is effing FILLED with commitment phobes and labeless relationships. Okay Read More We are Karen and Kristy Ambrose, we met on tinder. Twins are blessed to walk through life together, so we make every day a celebration!

However, the cold hard truth behind these “almost” or “talking to” relationships is that they actually hurt more than breakups post real actual boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. Because you are left with no closure, and Read More It’s almost Valentines day…. Between the two of us and our beloved girlfriends we have seen and heard it ALL when it comes to dating. Well, we are able to combine both of our experiences into one sound voice.

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