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Colorado Cabin Remodel This little cabin nestled in wildflowers and pine trees near Red Feather Lakes, Colorado just wasn't living up to its potential.

The view was spectacular in all directions, but you couldn't see it because there were no windows along the sides. The sliding glass doors hadn't locked in years, and were held shut by two boards. The cabin was gutted and outfitted with new windows, all around.

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But all we get out of it are death (of spirit and sometimes body), shame, and broken fellowship with the Creator, as well as the possibility of broken fellowship with our spouse.

We must stop viewing sex as sin, and instead view it as a special gift, a set-aside package meant to be opened by two people, together, at an appointed time.

namely, that He didn't design, intend, and bless the sexual union of a married man and woman from the very beginning. All they got out of it was death, shame, and broken fellowship with the Creator.

The Holy God designed a beautiful garden of pleasure for husbands and wives to enjoy together; Satan has perverted it into a recreational activity and convinced humans to defy God's laws (namely, one man, one woman, for life) and see for themselves what God has been withholding.

Though you can find various viewpoints, research more frequently supports the notion that married people have considerably more sex and better sex than sexually-active singles.

I've written previously on freedom within marriage, and freedom in the marriage bed.

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But she forgave him enough to give the eulogy at his funeral when he was killed after hitting a tree while skiing.

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