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Future Ted Mosby explains the key to dating is self-confidence, which Barney had in spades, but usually that confidence was in one of his characters.

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Unveiled at last by one of America’s most successful Pick Up Artists, a simple proven playbook to go from being a frustrated single man to having the woman of your dreams.

A proven strategy so effective, that Andrew was scared to unveil this strategy to the world.

A person with as little life experience as I have doesn’t have the right or the legal resources to advise others on how to find love.

However, a certain section of our student body believes that women don’t need strategy when they’re looking for a love interest.

Understanding the lingo, concept and being able to have a knowledgeable discussion about it will provide you an additional opportunity to have a man pursue you. Yeah, being able to connect with a man and show interest in something that he’s passionate about – especially something that women don’t typically engage in – will appeal to him and organically trigger him to gravitate towards you. Yeah, a man’s guard evaporates when he is watching football.

It’s a time where he can have a few drinks and chill in a social, friendly environment.

In alignment with a few of my other articles, I DO NOT have the secret recipe for dating success.

A tried-and-true strategy with a 95% success rate has not been uncovered since the “Bend and Snap” circa 2001 in Legally Blonde.

(I’ll tell you more about that later.) Did you know football comes on at least four days out of the week? Yeah, men will be out and about in full force from September – January.

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