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R3, when did NPH discuss whether he was top or bottom? Some lesbians like to be penetrated and some don't.

Most people can't comprehend the position celebrities are in when so many people you meet of either gender want to have sex with you.

I'm met some very femmey women who want to top and almost always do. No, not all lesbians like to use toys, many don't go near them. A piece of vinyl or rubber, or plastic in a phallic shape =/= and sweaty man's dick or the man it might be attached to. Younger people are much more open to either expression- or no anal at all. But there will always be those who are more passive and those who are more aggressive, no matter what the gender or the sex act involved. I'm rather amazed at how often the word "bottom" , "nelly bottom" etc. It's ridiculous, it's self-loathing and it's rooted in misogyny.1) Enjoying receiving anal sex is not a bad thing and it doesn't not mean the man is weak or "feminine".2) "Feminine" is not a bad thing either and it is not "weak". The more positions, the more possibilities the better. Don't let anyone tell you what's better or deserves more status.

Most, enjoy it both ways - as you should know many gay men do as well. This thread seems to have evolved from discussing which celebrities are tops or bottoms to a debate on the whole issue of whether the categories are appropriate to begin with.

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The street wear doesn't always match the lingerie, either.

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