The dating game introduction

Makes me think that nice girls really do finish last. [Read more] We all know that girl who has a kid or kids and who has not owned up to the sacrifice that comes with putting someone else’s life before hers.

She is the one who is still living her life the same as it was prior to her becoming pregnant.

Once you know how much you are willing to put up with (and what you definitely are not) you tend to migrate towards and settle with someone who fits that mold. It almost seems that she is more comfortable when she is getting screwed over, doesn’t it?

Because Two's Company is all about quality, rather than quantity, we spend time finding the right person for you to date.

The people you're matched with are all personally selected and screened for you, so you only go on dates with people who live up to your expectations.

You need a matchmaker who 'gets' you, and can match you to your equal, rather than setting you up with a string of unsuitable dates.

When you join Two's Company Auckland dating service, you'll have the opportunity to meet like-minded single people who have been personally matched with you - by a person, not a computer.

Each and every time we challenge ourselves with the same questions; “How long should I wait to call? This allows the person ample time to read and respond to your request.

If you have to, lock your phone in a drawer to ward off the temptation of spamming for an immediate answer! There is no recipe for how long you should wait before you introduce yourself to your newest team member. Important projects can pop up at any time and without warning. In spite of whatever fears you may have about contributing, jump in and help!

Did you fidget, did you force an introduction, or did you make a scene?

When this situation occurs, you can’t help but feel like a fool and you will either walk off to find something else to do, or stand there looking lonely and awkward.

Whilst we can't guarantee chemsitry or attraction we do have a 90% success rate when it comes to positive feedback after first dates.

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