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You'd think that in 2011 interracial dating wouldn't be as , poor Megan Jones.

So, when an invite for an all-women LGBT party pops up on Facebook, you are, at the very least, curious.

This was the first time that a group known for organising some of the best LGBT parties and bar nights decided to organise one exclusively for women. Because of the sheer lack of such events in Mumbai. I wasn’t expecting to see such a huge crowd, given the closeted nature of Mumbai’s lesbian world.

Of course, in a country where homosexual acts are criminalised, one might find it shallow to bicker over the lack of lesbian pubs or bar nights.

However, after a few of those political meets, marches, and the serious stuff, you just want to go somewhere to let your hair down, grab a beer and maybe flirt a bit, dance a bit...Gay or not, if you are a travel buff, you must have heard of the Castro District in San Francisco, Soho in London and West Village in New York.But for all of its cosmopolitan aspirations, Mumbai’s socio-cultural life has meagre offerings for queer females.Mumbai is a lovely city to explore and experience the beauty around.Let's spend this lovely tym of life sharing and caring. Hi ladies if you feel lonely and bored msg or call me I'm looking for real friends not only sex I want real friends with open heart and mind Here not any charges only friendship And you can trust me our friendship will… Do you have to worry if you're only having oral sex?

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