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As Switzerland grappled with how to implement EU immigration controls, Britain decided to leave the EU and the US voted in businessman Donald Trump as President.

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Some people define virginity as never having engaged in sexual behaviors with a partner.

A tampon is not a partner, and inserting a tampon is not a sexual behavior.

Much as I admire the work of charities that provide advice about and shelter against domestic violence and rape, it seemed pretty obvious that trying to solve this problem by taxing women for their normal bodily functions and then using their money to fund services to protect them against crimes mainly perpetrated by men wasn’t ideal.

And let’s remember that the money was needed primarily because of austerity cuts: 32 refuges closed between 20, and in a single day in 2014, 112 women and their 84 children were turned away from the remaining refuges due to lack of space.

Phrase is attributed to William Gibson, Canadian author of "Mona Lisa Overdrive" and "Neuromancer".

In 1993 a magazine published the transcript of a telephone conversation between Prince Charles, heir to the British crown, and his lover in which the couple made joking references to tampons in an erotic context.The story quickly spread around the world and became a source of embarrassment for Charles and the Royal family.This article reviews the media coverage of the story and discusses what it suggests about attitudes toward menstruation and men's references to it.Life is about to receive £250,000 from the Tampon Tax Fund, which is substantially more than many other charities that believe women have the right to choose what they do with their bodies and don’t try to steer them away from terminations by telling them that abortions are linked to breast cancer.Black Country Women’s Aid, for instance, will receive £240,401, while the Women’s Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre in Cornwall will receive £179,157.As the year went on, we heard that Bradley Charvet planned to use sex dolls instead of human prostitutes to work in his controversial café.

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