Symantec endpoint protection unmanaged client not updating

For an unmanaged client we dont have the privilege to block/allow an application or device unless it is managed by a Manager.

Creating a exception for blocking or allowing a device/application can be done through Symantec endpoint protection Manager. Step 4: Under proactive threat protection, disable Application and device control.

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Or did you run the installer normally, and place the files in "Additional Resources" somewhere on the machine afterwards? The Additional Resources folder needs to be in the same folder as the pkg.

So in the package, I have the files: /private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/Symantec Endpoint Protection.pkg/private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/Additional Resources/* (not going to list out all the files in that directory) Then the postinstall script runs: #!

In addition, the unmanaged client does not have a regular connection back to the campus’ network.

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/bin/shcd /private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/usr/sbin/installer -pkg "Symantec Endpoint Protection.pkg" -target /if [ $?

-eq 0 ]; then exit 0else exit 1fi I've been working on making one package that can remove the old SAV and install SEP all without a reboot.When you export the SEP client from SEPM, the export includes a pkg and a folder called Additional Resources.The Additional Resources are needed for the client to install properly and be managed.The progress bar ran for a while and a dialog box pop out saying “Please enter the uninstall password“. The Norton Removal Tool only works on home products but not for enterprise products.It is not possible for me to install any other type of antivirus if i do not remove the Symantec Endpoint Protection client first.Even if I could, it is still not advisable to be running two different antivirus at the same time which can cause conflict and slow down of the system.

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