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When you export the SEP client from SEPM, the export includes a pkg and a folder called Additional Resources.

The Additional Resources are needed for the client to install properly and be managed.

If you are interested here is the script to start the SEP services as the logged in user so the customer doesn't haven't to reboot.

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Thanks to persistent user and UF prof Ted Krauthammer, we have this from Symantec Technical Support: According to the troubleshooting steps we followed for the previous case, Application and Device control feature is the one which blocks the user from accessing the DPot application.

Also for a unmannaged client disabling ADC feature wont have that much impact on the client.

It is possible that the Symantec Endpoint Protection is installed as an unmanaged client but the virus definition hasn’t been updated for a very long time and I couldn’t manually update the signature from the Live Update program.

I may as well uninstall the Symantec Endpoint Protection since it couldn’t update the virus definition to detect the latest virus and replace it with a free antivirus such as Avira, Avast, AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials.

Or did you run the installer normally, and place the files in "Additional Resources" somewhere on the machine afterwards? The Additional Resources folder needs to be in the same folder as the pkg.

So in the package, I have the files: /private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/Symantec Endpoint Protection.pkg/private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/Additional Resources/* (not going to list out all the files in that directory) Then the postinstall script runs: #!

/bin/shcd /private/tmp/SEP12.1.2/usr/sbin/installer -pkg "Symantec Endpoint Protection.pkg" -target /if [ $?

-eq 0 ]; then exit 0else exit 1fi I've been working on making one package that can remove the old SAV and install SEP all without a reboot.

In our case since it is a unmanaged client we can disable the ADC feature. Step 5: Complete the wizard and reboot the machine.

If you are unable to run the DPlot application please follow the below steps. This will allow you to disable the Application and device control feature.

Download the Latest Version Open SSL 1.0.1h for Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager now uses Open SSL 1.0.1h.

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