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And where did they learn the skills and strategies involved in performing a rim job? In our research, we learned that straight men don’t just watch gay porn for sex tips. Isn’t it possible there are more gray areas in human sexuality than anyone really knows, or is at least willing to admit?

And isn’t looking at porn in the privacy of one’s own home the safest place to explore one’s curiosities?

Pornhub recently released data on the top porn searches broken down by gender.

The survey found “gay male porn” as the second highest searched topic by straight women. How many of them are also looking at man-on-man porn? Being the curious gays that we are, we decided to dig a little deeper, scouring the internet for clues. Apparently it’s not just the ladies who prefer two dicks in their porn. We recently reported on the growing number of heterosexual men who have begun openly embracing booty eating, both as givers and receivers.

I want you to spit on my dick, i want your spit and drool on my dick and on your face.

I want you on all fours, woofing for me as i fuck your ass. i will not join any other site and i will not visit any cam sites at all. I ignore those who friend request first without talkin... I'm flexible and accommodating...literally and figuratively... Also, spiritual so my views aren't always in line with the norm.

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Matter of fact i am hard now just thinking about it.

im str8 but ive masturbated with my friends and one time one of my friends and i started oral, then it lead to anal. Did a man who identifies as heterosexual just admit to engaging in x-rated behavior with his straight male friends? Thanks to a reader tip, we looked up heterosexual men who say they’ve either experimented with or thought about experimenting with other guys. I consider myself straight, I’ve always been attracted to women, I’ve had sex with women and it’s all good …

Anilingus is a behavior that has, historically, been attributed to gay men.

So where did these straight guys get the idea to have their own butts eaten? Anyone can say they’re heterosexual, and plenty of gay guys on our favorite hookup sites pretend to “Str8” and “just looking for a quickie while the GF is outta town.” But hold your preconceived notions for just one moment.

Smelling through a few colognes, a noticed a woman looking at me with absolute concentration.

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