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In the TV series she appeared from the first episode to the 263rd episode, between 19.

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after her rendition of Heart's "Alone" during the semifinals.

For her performance, Iraheta earned unanimous praise from the judges, with Abdul praising her for being able to "sing the telephone book".

Iraheta was the first (and only) winner of the competition and received the grand prize, but due to legal problems of the show the recording contract was never finalized and the production of the show was closed.

The judges unanimously agreed to put her through to the semifinals, with Simon Cowell saying "keep your eye on that one" and Paula Abdul predicting that Iraheta would be a "dark horse" in the competition.

Here's hoping that means drugs weren't involved in this situation!

In case you forgot, the Wall Street expert made headlines back in February when his wife at the time, Stacey Alysson, found him in bed with socialite Dori Cooperman 15 days into their marriage. The business vet was a key player for the Oscar nominated biopic as he served as a consultant to Martin Scorsese and Jonah Hill.

Now the culture is one motivated by spite, envy, greed, and gloating, not to mention bragging and showing off muscle, mostly that of others you pay to come to your rescue. The omnipotent state has replaced the ethos of the landed aristocracy and that of the Church, with one that ensures no one’s self-esteem ever takes a dive.

It has codified behavior and how we speak and think, and we have to think in the lowest common denominator.

The A-listers have yet to comment on this untimely death.

Our hearts go out to the deceased's loved ones during this trying time.

In 2007, Iraheta won the reality show, "Quinceañera: Mama Quiero Ser Artista" (Sweet Fifteen: Mom, I Want to be an Artist), a reality TV singing competition that was produced and broadcast in 2006-2007 on Telemundo, where she sang in both English and Spanish.

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