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It's an unexpected pairing: Neither one is a household name, and nor do they share an obvious conceptual crossover, outside of them both being female characters. The Black Cat Despite the obvious parallels — both are cat burglars, both engage in on-off romantic, uh, entanglements with their web-slinging arch-nemesis, both have a flexible moral code that allows them to work on the same side as the good guys every now and again — the Black Cat didn't start out as an analogue to Batman's femme fatale Catwoman.Instead, the Black Cat (who debuted in 1979's No.

Furious that she was denied the chance to steal the life of the man who had stolen hers, and feeling reckless, Hardy decided to utilize her new skills to follow in the footsteps of her father.

Finally, after months of preparing, she set out for revenge, but before she could find him, Ryan was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Regardless, Webb’s films are somewhat true to the original As both Peter Parker and Spider-Man, this Marvel Superhero has had several girlfriends (and one wife!

) over the past five decades of his comic book adventures.

When she first faced Spider-Man, she surprised him by fluidly jumping over his head from a standing position.

For years I was the little thief pretending to be a socialite. After amassing a fortune in stolen items, Felicia chose to adopt a costume identity.

Peter later meets up with Liz, his girlfriend at the time, to break things off with her.

He felt guiltily because he did have feelings for her, but his love for Gwen was stronger and it would only hurt Liz if they continue to date and while still loving Gwen.

To Peter Parker she has been an ally, an opponent, a lover, a foe, a friend and others.

This profile describes her early career, before she obtains super-powers.

Later, after entering into a relationship with Spider-Man, she became so obsessed with the idea that she'd be a liability in his crime-fighting efforts that she made a deal with the Kingpin to gain a full set of powers (including increased strength and speed, as well as finally living up to her bad-luck potential).

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