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Some of the notable Spencers below include Spencer Pratt, Spencer Tracy, and Spencer Haywood.

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When the ambulance arrived he refused to pay for the ride to hospital. Over the two DAFF days I had a chance to poll local Shanghai celebrities on their favorite horror movie soundtracks.

Dark tunes were on my mind because this Friday the 13th a century old temple-turned-theater called The Pearl is hosting a 13-hour horror movie marathon.

The Belvedere Hotel is made up of 4 very individual wings.

The Belvedere Wing, originally Belvedere House, is the oldest wing dating back to the 1800’s.

I didn’t attend the DAFF’ter party but I hear the kids went crazy tearing up the warehouse space.

Apparently one young party attendee started smashing bottles and then proceeded to fall on such bottles cutting open his face. Yes while in America you would most go certainly go into debt if you had to take an ambulance, without insurance in Shanghai it costs less than a taxi from the airport.

Copyright holders: if you would like your song removed, please contact us here, and we'll honor your request promptly. After a long weekend at DAFF boy are my skinny jeans tired.

Uptown Records had a booth at the bi-annual design, art, fashion fair and while I only broke even money wise, my cool point profits were through the roof.

Dorastał w Vancouverze, w prowincji Kolumbia Brytyjska.

Ma podwójne obywatelstwo amerykańskie i kanadyjskie.

The Rutland Wing, named after Rutland Place, is the most recent build.

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