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And that got me wondering: Who among the GBN Class of ’85 has this kind of happiness? I sent out a quick survey to my peers to get their reaction to a few questions. “Having a wonderful wife and kids,” said one classmate. Others mentioned professional accomplishments like leaving the relative safety of a corporate job to start a small business.

It can be difficult to look back and compare reality to expectations.

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Most reunion committees fret about the former while forgetting about the latter, If your committee is spending all of its time planning and publicizing the event, then it's setting its sights way too low.

Try instead to rebond your class in a way they’ve never have been bonded before. And, if you do this, be ready to expect some miraculous results.

" J'ai trouvé la réunion efficace, c'était super car on apprend tout sur la sleeve avant l'opération et après, ça aide vraiment au niveau moral et physique. Le témoignage c'était bien." " C'est ma 1ere réunion, on a la possibilité de posé toute les questions que l'on veux. On peut parler sans filtre." (participante au speed-dating du 17/02/14) "Merci de nous permettre de rencontrer des opérées.

Très intéressant, très instructifs." "réunion très interessante et très contente d'être venu car j'ai appris beaucoup de chose et on a partagé nos vie et nos expérience.

This is what the Class of 1965 from Garland High School in Garland, Texas, has been able to accomplish. The organizer of our 30th reunion died and the address list was lost.

Our class missed having the 35th, which we’d voted to hold.

If the metaphor for high school is a weird science project—take 14-18 year olds who share the same zip code, throw them into a petri dish, and watch what happens—then the metaphor for high school reunions is no-expectations speed dating.

You spend a little bit of time with a person from your past, swap basic information about the current state of your lives, then move on to the next person knowing you won’t see most of them for another five or ten years.

Some flew in from out of state for the event; most who attended live in the Chicago area.

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