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Elizabeth Kennedy of TOOL (Teaching Our Own Legacy— of Fredericksburg, Virginia, shares about how their group developed and implemented Speed Mentoring for their local homeschool group and later adapted it for their state organization: “Speed Mentoring” allows veteran homeschoolers to connect with new homeschoolers who are overwhelmed with questions about anything (or everything! The “mentor” doesn’t need to be an expert in homeschooling—she simply shares from her experience.New parents ask their question(s) in a one-on-one setting, then, after an allotted time, a whistle blows, and they move to the next mentor to either ask the same question(s) or shift to another topic.

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I really wanted a large array of perspectives, including families who had: I did the best I could to offer someone that night that would have experience in whatever area a question could arise.

It also helps to have the perspective of dads on the mentor panel.

However, few remain as popular, or as enjoyable, as the venerable "fallen flag." They defined the regions they served while providing invaluable transportation needs for local communities.

Most of the fallen flags remembered today were derived from systems originally built during the 19th century.

The case drew widespread publicity to the issues of animal abuse and dog fighting.

It also drew attention to unlawful gambling and drug activities which authorities claim often accompany dog fighting.

Vick: 23 months in federal prison, followed by 3 years of probation Taylor: 2 months in prison Peace: 18 months in prison Philips: 21 months in prison Allen: 3 years probation, 0 USD fine Peace, Phillips, and Taylor: 3 years federal probation following release, state trials still pending The Bad Newz Kennels dog fighting investigation began in April 2007 with a search of property in Surry County, Virginia, owned by Michael Vick, who was at the time quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons football team, and the subsequent discovery of evidence of a dog fighting ring.

Over seventy dogs, mostly pit bull terriers, with some said to be showing signs of injuries, were seized, along with physical evidence during several searches of Vick's 15-acre (61,000 m) property by local, state and federal authorities.

Its boundary lines are as follows: Beginning in Range 3 west, at the point where White River crosses the line dividing Townships 9 and 10 north; thence west on the township line to the line dividing Ranges 5 and 6 west; thence north on the range line to the line dividing Townships 10 and 11 north; thence west on the township line to the line dividing Ranges 7 and 8 west; thence south on the range line to Little Red River; thence up said river, in a westerly direction, following its meanders, to the middle of Range 8 west; thence south on section lines to the line dividing Townships 8 and 9 north; thence west on the township line to the line dividing Ranges 10 and 11 west; thence south on the range line to Cypress Creek in Township 5 north; thence down Cypress Creek following its meanders to the line dividing Ranges 5 and 6 west; thence north on the range line to the line dividing Townships 5 and 6 north; thence east on the township line to White River; thence up White River following its meanders to the last crossing of the line dividing Townships 7 and 8 north; thence west on the township line to the southwest corner of Section 35, Township 8 north, Range 4 west; thence north on section lines until White River is again intersected; thence up the river following its meanders to the place of beginning; containing an area of 1,015 square miles, or 650,000 acres. Although his principal occupation has been farming he has been engaged in other occupations at different times, and in 1873 erected a livery stable in Beebe, the first establishment of the kind ever erected there. M., and has held all the offices of his lodge with the exception of Senior Warden. Canada was the only man in Union Township who voted for him. (born October 27, 1852, and died December 7, 1856), Almeda (born November 10, 1855, and died June 3, 1857), William R. (was born September 17, 1860, and is a farmer of Union Township), Martha A. (West) Montgomery, the former of North Carolina and the latter of Monroe County, Ark. Her parents came to White County in 1855, and there their deaths occurred a number of years ago, the mother in about 1874, and the father in 1885. He now is the owner of 280 acres, with ninety under cultivation, which he has made by hard work and economy. Carter belong to the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, of which he is trustee, and officiated as class leader for several years., one of the members of the popular and well-known Enterprise Basket and Box Company, manufacturers of fruit and vegetable boxes, etc., was born in Elkhart County, Ind., in 1844, and was the youngest of three children born to B. and Joanna (Calkins) Cathcart, the former having been born in that State in 1818, his youthful days being also there. Cathcart is still living, but his parents, James and Paulina, have long been dead. After being paroled he went back to Indiana, and was married there, in 1872, to Miss Anna Snyder, a daughter of William and Lavina (Knight) Snyder, natives of Pennsylvania. Cathcart was in the railroad business for about thirteen years, as clerk and station agent on the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railroad. R., a Republican in his political views and is one of the aldermen of Judsonia. spent his youthful days on a farm raising fruit and in attending the public schools of Indiana.

Of this about 12,000 acres belong to the United States, 27,000 to the State, 81,000 to the St. He managed this a few months and at the same time acted as constable, and later served as justice of the peace for eight years. He is a member of the Agricultural Wheel, and is one of the influential men of the county, and although he differs from the most of the citizens in his political views, yet he is highly esteemed and his opinions respected. He has always been an advocate of schools and has contributed liberally to the building of churches, school-houses and to the general improvement of the county. (born April 26, 1858; is a merchant in business with C. (was born October 15, 1869, and is a school teacher, residing with her parents) and Mary M. Carnes passed his early life in duties upon the farm and in securing an education in the common schools of Tennessee. He was married in White County in 1875 to Miss Anna Montgomery, a native of White County and daughter of J. They were the parents of three children: Sally Mattie, Neelly and an infant. Carnes has seen many changes in the country since coming here in 1868, and has always taken an interest in the country. On August 28, 1870, he was married to Miss Emma Ward, also a native of Panola County, Miss., and who was born April 22, 1854. Carter is a prominent Democrat, and was elected to the office of constable in 1882, which office he held for six years. His children are Royal (who died in infancy) and Harrison (who served in Company K, Ninth Indiana Regiment, and was killed at the battle of Shiloh). Calkins, an aunt of his first wife, the children of this marriage being Anna and Royal W. Resigning his position as agent in 1881, he engaged in the manufacturing business with his brother, J. In 1885 they moved their machinery to White County, Ark., and established the Enterprise Basket and Box Company, known as the Cathcart Bros. He engaged in the manufacturing business while still a resident of his native State, and after coming to Arkansas in 1885, engaged in the same calling.

This makes a fun, lively, interactive support group meeting or leadership forum activity.

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